Hawk's Roost Vineyard

Pinot Noir

Vineyard Owners: Chuck & Gayle Jones

Owners Chuck and Gayle Jones planted their 5.5-acre Russian River Valley Hawk's Roost Vineyard in 1992. It is planted entirely to UCD 23 clone, a selection imported from Wadenswil, Switzerland in 1966, and that has become known as the Mariafeld selection. Wines produced here are typically big and muscular, owing to a combination of clone and site. Row orientation is uncharacteristically east-west, which contributes to even ripening fruit. Chuck hand tends the vineyard personally, which wraps around his home. He employs the help of a few ducks that stroll the vineyard controlling weeds and insects alongside his loyal Labrador retrievers.


AVA Russian River Valley
Vineyard Size 5.5 acres
Soil Type Huichica series loam with a clay substrate
Elevation 76'
Clone UCD Clone 23
Rootstock 101 - 14
Aspect 90% East-West; 10% North-South
Spacing 5’ x 8’
Year Planted 1998